The Mummy Mentors

I Want To Learn - Teach - Mentor My Kids!

Meet The Mummy - Daddy - Home Teachers - Helpers - Big Brother & Sister - Family - Friend - Mentors For Young Children

Q.1 WHY? Why is it always and ONLY the Music Teacher either at school or private teacher who teaches my kids? YEP! It HAS to be YOU! Me? Yes YOU!

Q.2 WHO? Who do they need MOST to help motivate as much as manage and make music with - not alone but with who? ME - The Mummy - Daddy - Home -  Mentor! Music is the ONLY 'Whole-Brain' and 'Whole-Being' activity that improves Health, Wellbeing and Builds OVERALL educational ability. And HUGE self-esteem!

Q.3 WHAT? What can I do? I am NOT a music teacher! YES you are you just need to learn!

Q.4 WHEN? When do I NEED to be helping and mentoring? If you love learning, love helping, love life and love music you won't be able to stop going on the journey TOGETHER!

Q.5 WHICH? Which is the best way to MENTOR and teach my kids how to play music. There's a MILLION ways you could help as every person learns and reads and plays and studies and pracitices in a million DIFFERENT way. Add to that learning DIFFICULTIES and/or DISABILITIES and the ways to teach multiply more. The only way is to teach them THEIR way they need to learn NOT your way or the teachers way they want to teach them!

Q.6 HOW! How long will it take to learn? It's INSTANT! No matter if it's only finding and playing one YELLOW C Note or one ACE! Chord you are helping make music and building Wellbeing and increasing overall educational ability. Make learning F.A.S.T! - Fun - Accessible - Simple - Teachable and the rest will be history!

Q.7 WHERE? Where do I mentor my kids? At HOME - and with a fun, cheap, battery keyboard or guitar and other 'take-away' instruments EVERYWHERE you can make music. NOT stuck in a room and told to 'practice, practice, practice'. It's time to 'PLAY, PLAY, PLAY AWAY' Any time. Any place. Any way. Anything that gets you mentoring music making - TODAY!


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The Major Mentors

I want to help people of ALL ages ALL abilities and ALL aptitudes - to benefit form the AWESOME power of MUSIC Making!

Join & Meet The Major Mentors - We are 'ORDINARY' people -  Helping young adults - mature  friends and family - older people - people in care - whoever! We want to spread the music making message and skill and love and laughter that music making brings - to everyone!

A.1 Wellbeing! Yes....WELLBEING!

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The Maestro Mentors

I DON'T need to learn how to teach music! I DO need to learn how to MENTOR the 3 D's!!!!!

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